Raia Agents can work autonomously based on the tasks and system access you give them. Agents are also available to answer ad-hoc questions you and your team might have on either the agent's work output or general questions regarding any data available to the agent.

Agent Communication

Agent work output

As you create and train agents on the tasks they should accomplish, agents can output their work through:

  • Communication software such as Slack and Teams
  • Email

As they communicate the result of the work they perform, they keep the result as history, and you can inquire the agent further based on the output it sends you

Standby Agent

You can connect the Raia AI application to your Slack workspace using the Raia AI connector. By doing so, you have the Raia Agent available for discussions at all times.

You can then ask the Agent questions you need help with, and the agent will use the underlying data connections to help you.