User Outreach

Personalize automation and give time back to Account Managers and Customer Success to focus on the most strategic, value-driven engagements in accounts.

Knowing where your users are in their journey is critical to connecting with them and helping them have a better product experience while increasing revenue and reducing churn.


Data Access

Before moving forward, make sure you have connected to the sample PostgreSQL database available here

System Utilization

Let's say you first want your agent to understand the overall user utilization. For that, we can build a similar workflow for your agent to learn this:

The workflow above will teach your agent how to get the total number of users in your product and give you a weekly breakdown of utilization, so you can identify and take action based on the trend you see.

Non-Engaged Users

Now that your agent knows of all users in your product, you can ask it to give you more information on users that are not engaging regularly and list their last action on your product:

With the workflow above, your agent now can map the users that haven't engaged regularly with your product anymore and give you an overview of their last actions on your product.

From here, you can have your agent send that information to the customer success team for them to act on it and prevent user churn

Engaged Users

Similar to the above, you can have your agent monitor who are your top users and how they are using the system. Here is an example:

Your agent can continuously monitor your user base and connect with you on Slack, for example, to give you a heads up on your most engaged users:

Because your agent is also conversational, you can ask it follow up questions based on the data it just shared with you. Here is an example: