Sample Use Cases

While Raia autonomous agents can be used to tackle different scenarios, you can use the following pages as examples of different use cases and how to build them.

Sample Database

You can use a publicly available PostgreSQL database to build sample use cases.

This database mimics what you would find as a database for a B2B SaaS company. The database is called Marker.

Database Details

Table Structure


The users table is populated with ~800 users. All names and emails are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


The teams table is populated with ~160 teams. Again, all teams are fictitious (although we tried to give the names a startup feel). Note: all teams have users, but not all users have teams (i.e., some people use Marker in "single-player mode").


The events table captures ~20,000 analytics events. With this data set, you can analyze an onboarding funnel, a feature launch, and more. Here are the distinct event names:


The tickets table is populated with ~70 tickets. What this table lacks in size it makes up for in realism. With the data in this table, you can detect spikes in issues or use Linear Regression to see which sub-metric correlates most strongly with CSAT.


The nps_responses table is populated with ~2000 responses. It's perfect for analysis on NPS (and our NPS analysis template is arguably the most straightforward one on the web).

Accessing the Database

You can create a connection to this database using the PostgreSQL connector in the Connectors page

Once on the PostgreSQL connector page, just click on Create

You can use the following details to connect to the sample database:

Connection NameYou can choose any name
Database userdemo
Database namemarker

Once you enter the details, check the Set as default box and click on Save