Monitoring Utilization

Monitoring Utilization

Raia offers real-time visibility into your autonomous agents' health, performance, and functionality, enabling you to implement a successful agent platform while observing the model's accuracy, understanding user interactions, optimizing costs, and more.

Directly on Raia's Dashboard, you can quickly see:

  • The data sources most used by your agents when executing actions or answering users
  • A breakdown of tokens sent and received by your agents, grouped by connectors leveraged when performing actions
  • A grouping of agent configuration, divided by underlying connectors
  • The success rate of your agents

Agent prompts validation

You can leverage Raia's Dashboard to understand and debug how your agents are working. By giving you complete visibility on how your agents respond to the different prompts, how it chains data across various sources, the time to respond to each prompt, and more, you gain insight into how to finetune your prompts for the most optimal agent performance.